How can I get e-captcha?
You need to register first. The e-captcha free trial period lasts 7 days or 10,000 displays, whichever comes first. After the trial period, the basic service costs $8 per month. One account can be used for one domain only.
How can I add e-captcha to my website?
Registered users after logging in, can generate the captcha code. The code needs to be added to your website's html code. Detailed instructions
How does e-captcha work?
Visitors need to solve captcha questions integrated into your web form. If the correct answer is given, the form can be submitted, otherwise an error message will be displayed.
What happens if my account expires?
If you have an expired account, the captcha frame will not be showed on your website, an empty white area is displayed, and the webform can be submitted without verification.
Do subscribers get the same type of captcha as trial users?
No. Paying subscribers have an extra safety feature: the captcha questions are rasterized, not displayed as a text. Once you upgrade from a trial account, it is recommended to re-generate the captcha code to take the advantage of this security feature.
I have an active account, but cannot see the captcha
First of all, make sure you use https:// protocol, NOT http://
Second, is NOT the same as
If you registered your website without www., you cannot use the code for a URL that contains www.