Mosaic captcha
The most attractive form of all captchas. Solving a nicely-designed captcha does not put any burden on your visitors. They can be fun and promote your business, especially if the captcha images are related to your business profile. For example, if you own a Café or Ice Cream Shop, wouldn't it be nice, if visitors had to select the pictures of Ice Cream?
How does it work
In the captcha frame, there are nine randomly selected pictures from our data base. Users need to click on all images that belong to a certain category. During setup, you can select the categories you want to display. In our previous example, visitors had to find pictures showing ice cream. Once all the relevant pictures are clicked on, verify the results by the red button on the botom of the captcha frame. If the answer is correct, a green "Verified" message shows on the bottom. If visitors give a wrong answer, the red colored error message shows instead. Since the captcha is integrated into your website, visitors cannot submit the form or log in to your website, until the captcha is solved. For detailed description and help, please read our "How to" guide.
No more language barriers
E-captcha is not limited to certain countries and languages. The captchas can be displayed in any of our supported languages, of your choice. If can't find yours, you can also request a new language. The first picture shows a captcha in English langauge, where visitors need to find the images of rice. The second picture is a screen shot of a captcha in Hungarian language where users need to click all images of cake. For working examples, please check out our demo page.