Extra security feature
Webform spamming is a growing concern to website owners. Regular email spammers can be controlled by applying mail filters and blacklists relatively easily. Webform spamming however, is a much more clever way of spamming. Those bad guys use your own mail server to send you their spam emails, so you cannot block your own mail server. Webform spamming attacks can be caused by both humans and robots. There is one thing common however, regardless of who is spamming you: most of the time the spam message contains a link to a website. By getting you to click on the link they want to generate some traffic to that particular website, subscribe to their services, steal information from you, place malware on your computer etc. You can prevent all of these attacks by simply disabling webform messages containing hyperlinks.
The e-captcha solution
For subscribers only, we can customize their existing webform to disallow any messages that contain hyperlinks. If somebody is sending you a message, either human or robot, and the message body contains links, the webform cannot be submitted to you. Please visit the link below. The service is available to existing customers only, the cost is a one-time fee of $95. Anti Spam Demo