Why e-captcha
Our goal is both protecting your privacy and still keeping captcha fun.Unlike our competitors, who use depressing, ugly images, our captchas contain nice-looking bright pictures. You can fully customize what type of captcha images you want to show your visitors. For example, if you are the owner of a candy shop, which captcha would you like to display on your website? Take a look at the two pictures below. Would you prefer the first one with vibrant colored pictures of candy, ice cream and cake, or the second one showing nothing else just an ugly, empty roadside and the back of a traffic light?
Your target audience
You can select the captcha type best fitting your visitors. Find the theme matching your niche market. For example, if you sell toy trains, your visitors will love the captcha with old steam trains. Another example: if your target audience is middle-aged Eastern Europeans and you display captchas with cars from the 80s, such as Lada and Trabant, you will make them smile, guaranteed.
Why work for free for Google?
Did you know, that every time you solve a Google captcha, you also make the search engine giant even richer? Google uses billions of unpaid workers just like you and me to train their artificial intelligence program to identify and sort pictures. Take control of your website now, by signing up to e-captcha.