Protect your privacy
Captchas are not really popular these days. Sometimes you have to decypher a completely unreadable text, find all pictures of bicycles on a crowded street, or identify a phenomenon that is common in the United States, but may not be so obvious in your country. Captchas are purposely designed to be not easy to solve, in order to keep the robot-traffic and spamming bots away from logging into member's areas and sending spam messages. Although they are quite annoying, captchas are still necessary: they prevent website owners from being attacked by malicious bots.
Why e-captcha
Our goal is both protecting your privacy and still keeping captcha fun.Unlike our competitors, who use depressing, ugly images, our captchas contain nice-looking bright pictures. You can fully customize what type of captcha images you want to show your visitors. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you can select food-related pictures. If you are in the aviation business, your visitors will see airplanes. If you are in camel racing, you can select a captcha package with pictures of camels. Whatever your need is, you can find a theme related to your activity. Furthermore, you can even suggest a new category. E-captcha is not limited to certain countries and languages. In addition to the existing ones, you can also request a new language if yours is not on the list.