Math captcha
Some people don't really feel comfortable if they hear the word "math". No worries, nothing complicated, just some grade one level math questions of adding two small numbers together like 2+3 etc. This is a very simple alternative to mosaic captcha. If the space on your website is limited, or you don't want to display images, this a possible captcha solution for you. The first picture shows a very basic captcha that can be easily answered by anybody without speaking any foreign language. The next type of math captcha questions displays the equation in words instead of digits eg. "two plus three=" style instead of "2+3". If you use your local language instead of English, it makes it almost impossible for robots to solve the captcha question. The second picture shows a math captcha in Hindi language. The meaning of the text is "three plus eight=". As you can see, math captchas in a local language are almost imposible to solve for robots. On the other hand, for native speaker users it is a very easy task answering such simple questions.
How does it work
In the captcha frame, visitors are shown two randomly selected numbers between 1 and 9. They need to enter the sum of the two numbers into the text box and click the "verify" button. If the answer is correct, a green "Verified" message shows on the bottom. If visitors give a wrong anser, the red colored error message shows instead. Since the captcha is integrated into your website, visitors cannot submit the form or log in to your website, until the captcha is solved. At setup, you can select the language and if the numbers are displayed in digits or in words. To see working examples, please check out our demo page. For detailed description and help, please read our "How to" guide.